Why Choose Us

We, at KAICO, strive to provide our customers delightful and exciting products, that complement their lifestyles and businesses, ably supported by the best aftersales support in timely and swift manner that gives great performance, enhanced life and value.

Al Shaya business was founded in 1890
The Al Shaya Group is currently divided into four business divisions:

  • Real Estate
  • Automotive KAICO
  • M.H. Al Shaya Co Retail
  • M.H Al Shaya Trading

Plus The Group is also involved in various other Business Activities.
The Al Shaya Group, can be visited at http://www.alshaya.com

The discovery of oil in Kuwait in 1929 led to the rapid modernization and development of the country. This development and the growing wealth of the people brought about a demand for motorization. Recognizing opportunity, and wanting to be part of the development taking place at the time, the Al-Shaya and Al-Sagar families, two of the prominent merchants families in the country, decided to form Kuwait Automotive Imports Co KAICO.

  • KAICO was formed by Al Shaya & Al Sagar Families
  • The Families are prominent business families in Kuwait
  • KAICO is doing business since 1936
  • KAICO’s Business Philosophy is CUSTOMER IS #1

The Al Sagar Group is involved in the following business/services

  • Samsung Electronics
  • Pepsi Bottling Co
  • Ansaldo Spa
  • Honey Well
  • Abb Lummus Crest Inc
  • York Air conditioners
  • Fujitsu Submarine cables
  • Union Carbide (Poly Propylene Project)
  • Al Bunyan Engineering & Contracting Co
  • Al Qabas Arabic Daily
  • The National Bank of Kuwa