• Visiting 1 Competitor a day (max. 2-3 per week) to view new campaigns/display and share with Management team (maybe prices).
  • Rule & Condition for website updating and content.
  • Posts on Social media (frequency by Brand as per agreed rule).
  • Visiting all KAICO locations and ensure proper display of Marketing materials one day per week.
  • Monitoring redundant materials/storing re-useable materials in Marketing store (catalogues, brochures & POS).
  • Coordinate with Media Company with regards to offline and online campaigns
  • LPO/Invoicing for jobs done through advertising company and outsourced services.
  • Maintain a “TO DO LIST”
  • Coordinating with Media Relations
  • Writing,  editing & translating press releases, in-house newsletters, speeches, articles, etc.
  • Plan & execute Special Events, i.e., Press Events, New Product Launches, Road Shows, Co-Sponsorships, etc.


3-5 years’ related local experience

Good Educational Background

Excellent Communication Skills in English and Arabic

Ability to multi-task

Age Group (28-35 Years)

Transferable visa #18

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