Dragon Marine is a Handmade Boat with exquisite craftsmanship, it takes only 5 minutes to inflate it with the foot pumpĒ . It can be inflated with electric pump and could be inserted to your car cig lighter plug, the first appearance of Dragon Marine Inflatable Boats in Kuwait was in the Kuwait Motor Show which had been held between 13th & 18th December 2010, now the Dragon Marine Boats are available in a wide new range. Dragon Maine Boats can be easily carried in the boot of your car, no need for a trailer and with every boat there is an easy repair kit provided.

  • 4 different models of Dragon Marine boats are available which will meet all their requirements. The first model is DSM-230 with overall length 230cm and overall width 131cm.The maximum load for this model is 350kg - capacity is two people, also you can added an engine up to 4 HP. There is DSM-290 Model with 290cm overall length and 151cm width, the capacity is up to 4 people.
  • Itís the best choice for the small families, also you can install engine up to 10HP.For groups there are 2 models that are available.DSM-380 with 380cm overall length and 168cm width, the capacity of this model is 6 people & also the engine for this model can be up to 20HP.
  • The biggest boat in Dragon marine range is DSM-420 Model with 420cm length and 190cm width with a capacity up to 7 people, you can also add engine up to 30HP.Dragon Marine Boats has a safety standard meeting the European CE with safety properties like the abrasion resistance.
  • The Dragon Marine Boats are featuring with chemical formula of outside PVC layer making the material abrasive resistant and airtight. It also features extreme condition resistance for the low and high temperature. That is not all, Dragon Marine Boatís chemical resistance is very strong to hydrocarbon, sunlight, seawater, oil and fuel - thanks to these properties which protect the material from fading and aging.

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