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Tyre Basic

  • What is the Structure of a tyre?
  • How to read a sidewall?


Provides traction in a variety of conditions, and resists wear, abrasion, and heat.


Protects the tyre against impacts with curbs, etc. This is also where the sidewall markings can be found which tell you important information regarding the tyre.

Crown Plies

Provide a firm base for the thread, which allows for good gas mileage. The plies also provide centrifugal and lateral rigidity to the tyre, while being designed to flex sufficiently for a comfortable ride.


Clamps the tyre firmly against the wheel rim.

Carcass Ply

Made up of thin textile fiber cables bonded into the rubber. These cables are largely responsible for determining the strength of the tyre.

Airtight Rubber

Formulated almost impermeable butyl rubber, replaces the inner tube in modern, tubeless tyres. Check your air pressure monthly, as some air loss occurs over time.

Tyre Size Tyre pattern name Airtight Rubber Speed Index Tyre construction Maximum load and pressure Mounting direction Default

Tyre size

185=The tyre width is 185mm, 60=The tyre sidewall height is equal to 60% of the tyre width, R=Radial Tyre, 14=Wheel diameter is 14 inches.

Tyre pattern name

Tyre pattern name (Energy SAVER).

Load Index

It indicates the Maximum load carrying capacity of the tyre at the maximum pressure. Normally between 60 (250 kg/tyre) to 110 (1060 kg/tyre).

Speed index

It refers to the maximum speed capability of the tyre. Normally between "T" (190 km/h) and "Y" (300 km/h).

Tyre Construction

Shows the basic elements of the tyres architecture.

Maximum load and pressure

Maximum load carrying capacity of the tyre at the maximum pressure. For the recommended pressure please refer to tyre placard or vehicle owners manual.

Mounting direction

For asymmetric tyres only. It indicates the side of the tyre that must face outwards. Directional tyres have a small arrow to show the direction of rotation.