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Tyre Safety & Tips

  • Put the right amount of pressure for your tyre. Too little pressure can cause premature wear, damage, or even risk of failure. Too much pressure shortens your tyres lifespan and reduces traction.
  • Sometimes you can’t see all the damages in your tyre. The best way to repair your tyre is to call TYREPLUS, the expert technicians will remove the tyre and check it from the inside out to repair and refit it correctly.
  • Change your tyres before your tread depth is worn to 1.6mm.

Trust the expertise of TYREPLUS technicians to get your  tyres checked

More tips:

  • Contact patch

Make sure you are not only selecting the right tyres, but also regularly maintain them in order to get the best performance.

  • Rear Tyres

If you will only replace two tyres, remember to fit the new ones to your rear axle for the best control.

  • Tyre valves

it’s best to replace valves when you replace your tires to prevent air loss from leaky or cracked seal.