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When To Change

1. It is illegal to drive with less than 1.6mm of remaining tread depth.   
2. When you have an un-repairable puncture due to serious damage
3. If you have a hump in your tyre.
4. If you have an off set alignment worn out.

Trust the expertise of TYREPLUS technicians to get your  tyres checked

Inspection by a our expert professional technician is absolutely necessary because internal damage is not visible while the tyre is mounted.

But in one of the following situation the tyre definitely can not be repaired:

  • Punctures to the sidewall
  • Bead wire visible or distorted
  • Separation of rubbers or fabrics
  • Creases in rubbers or fabrics
  • Damage by hydrocarbons or corrosive substances.
  • Chafing or mottling of internal rubbers by running under inflated.